[TR] Ehat is the proper rear camber setting for the TR4A?

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I just borrowed a real camber measurement device and it says it is 1.75 positive on both sides unladen. When I had the measurement with me sitting in it, I went to +1.0. I weigh more than 150 lbs. When two people are in it, it will most likely STILL be +0.5. 

So, I will let things settle more for now. It only has maybe 10 miles on it after the suspension mods. Then it seems likely I will need to get the Goodparts adjustable brackets. I think I need to lose at least 0.75 degrees on both sides. 


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> I google searched and found 3 different camber settings for 
> the TR6. Nothing specifically for the 4A. One reference 
> says +1.0 to -0.25 degrees. Another says -1.0 +/- 0.5 (IOW 
> -0.5 to -1.5). And the third says +0.5 to -1.0 degrees. 
> None of these specifically state if these are laden or 
> unladen settings. 

FWIW, the spec in the TR6 workshop manual is -1 degree, +/- 0.5 degrees in "2 up condition". Which I take to mean laden with 
passenger and driver. 

-- Randall 

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