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By Gosh, Terry, it's not just a car -- it's a lifestyle. 8)

On 4/2/15, terryrs at comcast.net <terryrs at comcast.net> wrote:
> Every year before spring, but after the garage can be warmed enough with the
> wood stove, I have a list of basic maintenance.
> speedo cable needed replacing.  Always used a piece of fuel line, per
> Randall in Archives, to protect the cable.  Alas, wasn't long enough for a
> friction point I missed.  Fixed that.
> drive train play.  Turned out that's not where the clunk was coming from.
> For that, I replaced the shock links, which had been original to the car.
> But when I removed the Armstrong shocks to inspect and renew the fluif, I
> found that almost all of it had leaked over the past dozen years from the
> side I'd been hearing the clunk from.  Taking a leap here, I'm assuming a
> connection.
> pack wheel bearings.  Did that, but buggered up the steel backing on the
> felt seal.  I'll do better next year.  Full disclosure, I did the deed the
> day after driving from San Francisco to New Hampshire.  Four days bringing
> my older son home.  Took pictures of him in front of three different Nevada
> brothels in daytime.  Didn't go in.  Wouldn't want to ruin the lives of hard
> workers who would have to realize that the rest of their lives could only be
> second best....
> change tranny oil.  Easy Peazy, at least using that wonderful socket tool
> the big three sell.  Just...I never can keep the socket on the oil drain
> plug while I give it a couple of whacks with the heel of my hand.  It's
> never come off, but I'd feel better if I had better control.
> change engine oil.  WIX oil filters.  This time, because I put new rings and
> pistons in last spring, I went with dinosaur oil.  Next spring it'll be back
> to Mobile 1 syn.
> check rear end fluid.  It was down more than I'd like.  I'll have to check
> it mid season, I expect.
> grease.  Hmmm...embarrased here.  Taking more time this year, I did an
> internet image search and discovered I'd been missing the rear axle grease
> fittings for years.  And I'd also been forgetting to grease the two fittings
> on the clutch operating shaft.  The OD I'd bought had straight fittings
> instead of elbow.  Fixed that too.
> check steering wheel play.  Rebuilt the steering box last year, not just the
> peg like I did originally a dozen years ago.  Still, needed a tiny
> tightening.
> fix trunk lid.  Question.  One of the trunk hinge studs had come out and I
> lost it.  I've fabricated a repair, but anyone have a solution they like
> that tightens the thing down again?
> fix OD switch.  Have an old stock that I took apart a few years ago, cleaned
> and put some dialectric to.  Wasn't a problem, but sometimes had to wiggle
> the switch to get it to engage.  Cleaned and reinstalled.  Tests 100
> percent.
> finish engine rebuild.  This is a spare engine I've been putting together,
> complete with a rebuilt carb set.  My restoration is getting old enough now
> that I should be back on the road again in a weekend if worse comes to
> worst.
> fuse.  One of the fuses gave me fits last year  until I found the problem.
> It was sliding out of the fuse holder.  ISTR a dozen years ago someone on
> the List suggested putting Locktite on it to keep it steady.  Did that.
> We'll see.
> brake rubber cover.  Covered this in another List entry.
> Question:  what do people do to lubricate the throttle linkage, starting
> from the gas pedal through the carb?
> Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
> New Hampshire
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