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> On Apr 1, 2015, at 2:58 PM, Ed Fisher wrote:
> Here is a message I copied and saved from the year 2000, and it was from Fred Thomas, a true gentleman.  

Couldn’t agree with you more. Any time I see anything related to Powder Coating, it brings a smile to my face as I remember time spent with Fred. I was honoured to be asked to say a few words about Fred at TRF’s Summer Party following Fred’s passing. On another occasion, my wife Chris and I made notes on Fred’s July 14, 2007 presentation on Powder Coating at Summer Party that year. At that time, I offered to share those notes and pictures with anyone interested. Here is what I wrote at that time:
(Note: these notes, augmented by photos of Fred’s setup were made by Keith and Christine Stewart during Fred’s workshop at The Roadster Factory’s Summer Party in July of 2007. After Fred’s passing, March 10, 2011, the notes are shared with any enthusiasts wanting a copy. Let us all remember our good friend, Fred Thomas – I miss you pal.)

If anyone is still interested, I would be happy to share those notes. Just PM me.


Keith Stewart
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