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Well, we're on the Triumphs" list because not everyone out there is looking
for answers for their TR6. List activity, iun general, may be down but you
can't 'knock' a list because "only 6 of the first 60 posts are TR6 related
with the majority being TR2/3." That's great! I wish there was a dedicated
TR3 list! But the 'Triumphs' list was created, I believe, to 'capture' all
Triumph models, not just the TR6.

I have a TR6 AND a TR3A and have many more questions regarding my TR3A than
I did on my Six, as the Six seems better documented (in my view) than the
earlier models and more parts seem to be readily available for the Six than
for earlier models. The various Forums have their place but the Lists do,
too -- you're here, no?  :- )

Dave Friedlander
'59 TR3A  TS42312 L
'74 TR6  CF25194 UO

On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 9:01 AM, 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org <
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>   Back to the original question...... is Mail List activity down...
>  My latest guesses.........
>  New and old non members/users seeking help probably Google/search for
> specific models and use the term Forum i.e. TR6 Forum  Unless they specify
> Mail List in the search, this List won't show up or it shows up way down
> the list.
>  Another  guess is that many mail list people have moved on to
> forums...... also.....IMHO, the majority of the Mail List posts are TR3
> and, to a lesser degree, TR4 related.....most of the TR6 gang is gone and
> in the 6-pack forum. Same move has happened in BCF where, this morning,
> only 6 of the first 60 posts are TR6 related with the majority being TR2/3.
> As a TR6 owner I'm going to where I get the most bang for the buck and
> that's a forum dedicated to my model. That's not a knock on either the Mail
> List or BCF, it's just a fact. Miata owners don't join a generic Mazda
> Forum, the go to Miata.net.
>  Bob
>  Bob Danielson
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