[TR] TR 3 Rear Engine Seal

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Mar 29 11:51:19 MDT 2014

> Before I decide, I could really use the advice again of 
> people who've driven the stock rear seal.  Thoughts?

My opinion, the stock rear seal can be made to work well, as long as you don't try to run the "PCV" systems installed on later
engines.  But you do need to replace the housing (as noted, wear is very hard to check), and need a mandrel made to different
dimensions than those given in the workshop manual.  (Last I heard, the mandrel sold by Moss is even larger than the dimensions in
the manual, so hasn't a hope of working right.)

Personally, I am definitely going with the "Viton" seal offered by TRF and ARE.  This setup was designed by Chris Marx, who races
Triumphs in Europe, and I have heard nothing but good things about it.  The crankshaft can be left stock (no grinding away the
scroll), so you can go back to stock if you want.  And in fact, the conversion leaves the original scroll seal functional; it just
adds a secondary seal in addition to the scroll.  Like adding suspenders without throwing away the belt.


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