[TR] TR2/3 -ft. suspension upper fulcrum.

Angelo Graham agraham at execulink.com
Sat Mar 22 11:45:11 MDT 2014

Hello LIst:
Just trying to verify the diameter of the threaded portion of the upper 
inner fulcrum fittings on the TR 2/3 cars. I'm recollecting that it is 
7/16" fine thread. Thinking of an alternative to the slotted nuts as my 
cotter-keys were broken off and have now blended in with the threads. 
Not anxious to dismantle and re-drill the holes.
Want to try one of the "deflected thread" lock nuts in a thin version to 
give me the security of a locked nut on this joint. A standard nylock 
nut is too thick to give adequate thread locking surface.
Does 7/16" diam. sound right?
Thanks for any help with this.
Angelo Graham

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