[TR] Rough Running TR4 - Update

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 20 07:12:24 MDT 2014


You may want to exchange the Petronics with a stock points setup. Do you 
have a spare points plate? If so, just replace and that should eliminate 
or confirm the Petronics.

Lots of Petronics uses have a spare plate with points mounted just in 
case there is a semi-conductor failure while on the road.

Also, your description of the distributor carbon contact to rotor. I 
dont remember it being off center at all. Could be something wrong there.


On 03/20/2014 08:56 AM, pbrandsema at triad.rr.com wrote:
> First, thanks to everyone who has sent me replies, this list is full of great people!
> After checking fuel pump and ignition last night, this is what I've found so far:
> I've ruled out fuel, getting plenty of that (had to disconnect fuel line in order to crank engine).  Checked all plugs for spark, it was there, but very weak, so that seems to be the direction to look further.  Distributer cap new last year, replaced with plug in type.  I did notice that the coil to rotor contact, when the cap was off, was off center due to the spring load.  I'm assuming that when the cap is tight on that the contact centers itself.  Now I have to determine whether it's the pertronix or the coil.  Any suggestions?
> I also did a compression check, just to rule out any possibility of a more serious condition.  All cylinders came in around 180 psi.  I haven't checked what normal should be, but that number seems good.
> Thanks
> Paul

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