[TR] move coil from side of block

Allen Hess allenhess at mgcarclub.com
Sat Jul 26 10:18:52 MDT 2014

Has anyone moved the ignition coil from the side of the block to the  
inner fender or considered doing it to reduce the heat and vibration?  
Any conclusions as to the result? I have a TR4 but it applies to most  
Triumphs. The current coil, gold Lucas Sport is 15 years old, not a  
lot of mileage on it. I had a coil go bad many years ago and the  
engine was missing badly before it quit completely. This coil isn't  
that bad but there's a roughness at speed (40-55 mph) that I can't  
pinpoint. Everything else has been tried, so a new coil is on the way.


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