[TR] TR4 Oil Pump Priming

Ted Schumacher tedtsimx at bright.net
Sat Jul 26 09:31:12 MDT 2014

Jim, you have received some very good advice, as usual, from the list.  
Professional engine builders, and the rebuild industry, all recommend 
pre-pressurizing the system either by means of an external oil tank that 
can be pressurized with air and connected to an oil galley or by 
externally driving the oil pump. It is not recmmended to use the "spin 
it with the sarter" method. Even if oil pump is primed and moving parts 
are coated, the oil has to travel through a lot of passages to get to 
all the components that need to be oiled.  If the oil doesn't get to 
where it is needed, plugged passage, leaking seal  or ???, this is not 
good.  We build  a lot of engines in the course of a year and they are 
never done by building up pressure with the starter.   Good luck. Ted

On 7/24/2014 6:40 PM, James Henningsen wrote:
> I read that you are supposed to prime a new oil pump with Vaseline or other
> substance.  I didn't prime the new pump and it is installed with oil pan
> buttoned up.  It is an uprated pump by Steve Yott.  Do I need to pull the
> pan and prime this thing??
> Thanks in advance,
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala FL
> 62 TR4 x2
> 75 TR6
> 69 Land Rover Series IIa
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