[TR] charging problem

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Jul 25 08:58:42 MDT 2014

> Noticed the ignition light still red when key in off psn. 
> Engine stopped ok.
> Tried restarting, ok but red light stayed on.

That almost sounds like a wiring problem somewhere, like maybe a short near the red light.  But maybe it's just the cutout acting

> Took off the generator and hooked + to ground and - to the large 
> terminal and it spun like a motor using my camper 12 battery 
> downstairs.

That's a popular test, but in my experience it doesn't mean a lot.  I've seen generators that would run like that, and still had
shorted windings, thrown solder, etc.

> I put a new generator on the car and same problem. It started 
> to charge 
> for a second but then the red light came on again and small 
> discharge. 

Well, hopefully that's just the control box acting up again.  I wouldn't think it could burn up in just "a second".

> Tested the new generator and it does not spin. I got this on sale a 
> number of years ago from TRF.

Might be worth trying again, with the two terminals connected together.  But IMO it would be better to go through the steps in the

> Or is my control box toast.

Seems like the most likely explanation, to me.  The unfortunate part is that a failed control box may cause the generator to fail as

> I remember Randal posting something about a manual to test 
> the control 
> box but I lost it.



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