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Bob Danielson 75TR6 at TR6.Danielsonfamily.org
Tue Jul 22 17:57:26 MDT 2014

Good point Tony........ the majority of mods/upgrades are totally 
reversible. Everything I've done to my car could be reversed in a few days 
as I've saved the tranny, diff, axles, seats etc. All the old stock parts 
are stored in the basement and/or shed. ....... but spend a week driving my 
car and you wouldn't reverse anything. Pop the hood and it looks like a TR6, 
rides like a TR6, sounds like a TR6 and handles like one too...


Bob Danielson
1975 Mimosa TR6
TBI, 5 Speed, LSD, CVJs

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I installed 1997 miata seats last year. Up to then I had my original leather
1966 TR4A seats. The drivers side developed a tiny full thickness tear and 
going to get worse fast.  Also those seats gave me no upper back support. 
top of the seat ends below my shoulder blades. Not at all comfortable for 
than 45 minutes

The miata seats are quite firm, but fit me well. I really appreciate the 
back support!

The modification is easily reversed on about 1 hr or less.

I will be installing the Goodparts CV axles, also totally reversible, but a
nice functional upgrade


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>> Are Miata seats supposed to be comfortable? I spent last Saturday as a
>> Navigator on a club run for MX5's (the Miata for Europe) and was glad to
> get
>> home. What an utterly boring car. No rattles, no clunks, no unexpected
>> twitches from the back end and all too quiet for me in every respect - 
>> and
>> those seats were h**l !!!!!
> John, your comments strike a certain note for me: I can't help but take
> of the fact that the only reason Miata seats are so easily obtained is 
> that
> Miata owners can't stand them and can't wait to get rid of them.
> Cheers
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