[TR] TR3 Coil

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Sun Jul 13 07:51:18 MDT 2014

Hi TerriAnn,
I have been looking for one of the Bosch blue coils with no luck. I 
understand that they are epoxy filled vs. oil filled?
Would you know where I could purchase one of these coils, or maybe someone 
else on the list knows of a source??
I have a misfire in my TR4A at constant speeds over 2,500 RPM but it idles 
perfectly at 1,000RPM and will pull through the gears to 4,000 RPM like 
crazy, just can't drive over 2,500 RPM for any length of time. I am thinking 
it might be related to my coil. Or, it could be fuel related,, or maybe it's 
those bronze valve guides that are being replaced with stock cast iron 
Still, I would like to get a source for the blue Bosch coil just in case.
Thanks in advance,
Dave Connitt

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> On 7/13/14, 4:48 AM, terryrs at comcast.net wrote:
>> So, am in the market for a new coil.  This one is an aftermarket 
>> replacement coil.  Anybody heard anything about limited durability on 
>> these?  If looking for dependability, are the Flame Throwers better?
> The Bosh blue coil is always reliable.
> But first did you try swapping out the condenser?  If it failed you would 
> have the same symptoms.
> TeriAnn
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