[TR] Could it be rings-Update

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Jul 12 10:51:56 MDT 2014

>   ..so next test is to replace the bumble bee wires with new 
> ignition wires.
> The problem here is ordering replacement  wires from the UK 
> for here in Italy
> will take about 10 days. My TR3A has the side entrance cap. 
> So I will purchase
> appropriate length wires and cut the end off to insert into 
> the hole in the
> cap.

Two things to be aware of:

1) I've had trouble several times with the common "carbon core" wires and the original TR3A distributor cap with the piercing
screws.  The carbon tends to burn around the point of the screw, creating a high resistance connection inside the wire where it
can't be seen.  For that reason, I prefer to run solid-core wires with suppression resistors at the plugs (if needed).  Motorcycle
shops still sell plug caps with resistors built into them, which just screw on to the end of solid core wires.

2) A bad wire can sometimes cause invisible (electrical) damage to the cap and/or rotor.  If you still have problems after changing
the wires, try changing the cap & rotor as well.  It's a good idea to have spares on hand anyway; and if they aren't the problem,
you can always go back to the old components and save the new for next time.

I have seen a TR4A that would not run at all, due to damage to the brand new (less than 200 miles) rotor caused by a bad wire.  Even
knowing it had to be bad, we couldn't see anything wrong with it.  But just changing the rotor made it run great.


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