[TR] Strange TR3 OD issue

Alexander Delis ols at bcdef.net
Fri Jul 11 18:33:26 MDT 2014

Hello all

I am having a very odd problem with my TR3 OD.

I will start from the beginning.

The box is a TR3 OD with no syncro into first. It was rebuilt by John Esposito
at Quantum Mechanics about 4 years ago.

Last summer, I was having difficulty getting the OD engaged. I would have to
sit with my foot off the accelerator for 5-10 seconds before it would engage.
At the end of the summer, it started leaking copious amounts of oil  (like a
quart every 50 miles or so).

I decided this needed to be sorted out this summer.

We pulled the transmission and I took it to John to work on while I waited (he
was very good about making an appointment to do this). He disassembled
everything, put in all new gaskets and seals, and ran it up to check it. He
found the pressure was a bit low and put shims in to bring the pressure up and
all seemed OK.

I brought it home, we put the transmission back in the car and now it will go
right in to OD. The problem is, when you get to about 3K RPM it will pop out.
If you leave the overdrive switch engaged, it will pop back in when the RPM
drop to about 3.6K.

The really odd thing is that this ONLY happens in third and fourth. It works
perfectly in second. I have tried to get it to pop out in second using
everything I could think of and it would not.

If I drive it for a while, the RPM it will pop out of OD will decrease e.g. it
will pop out at 2.7K and back in at 3.2K.

It no longer leaks oil and is full ( I just checked it again.)

I am using straight 30 weight oil as recommended by John Esposito.

The only thing I can think of that is common to third and fourth is that they
use the same lockout switch, but I don't know why it would pop out at a
particular RPM EVERY time.

Any ideas?



1958 TR3 TS33884LO
1968 GT6 KC10303

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