[TR] So there I was

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TeriAnn -

you're always an inspiration and a great story teller.

it saddens me that you would let this guy end your story this way.

I would rather end it with:  as kewl as I thought that car was, I realized 
that with no trunk and no rear parcel area, it was a lousy grocery shopping 

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I decided to get out today and take advantage of the fourth of July
grocery sales.  I went through the sales papers. I looked for the best
buys and planned a route that used the least amount of petrol.  I got
into the TR3 and off I went shopping.  As usually I got the occasional
thumbs up from other drives and people walking on the street.  At two of
the store parking lots I got to hear the stories of the TR3 that someone
had had as a young adult and some adventures they had. Several folk said
"Nice car" & per usual the car attracted a number of kids in the parking
lots who are fascinated by such a small car.

My TR3 has a TR2 single muffler exhaust, four tube headers and a cam so
it has a very noticeable sweet roar.  On the way home I was keeping the
revs around 3500 RPM just listening to the sweet tone and I was feeling
pretty full of myself.  I stopped at the last light on the way home,
still with a self satisfied smile when a bright yellow Lamborghini
pulled up alongside me. The driver did not glance my way but he did burp
the V12 and when the light changed was long gone before I got out of the
intersection.  Sometimes when you are feeling really good someone just
comes along and takes the wind out of your sail. And I was feeling so
full of myself and the TR mystique before I heard the V12 sing.  Sigh


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