[TR] Making a Break for It

Alan Myers amfoto1 at aol.com
Thu Jul 3 12:33:00 MDT 2014

Yeah, that's what I always do, too.

Unfortunately, I never remember to do that until after the first one or two
items have made their break for freedom... which are nearly always the
smallest, hardest to find and most difficult to replace items being worked

Nice thing with my Land Rover, I don't need to move it or jack it up to crawl
underneath to look for the missing parts.  The TR4, with about 4.5 inches of
ground clearance at best, is another story entirely.

Alan Myers
San Jose, Calif.
'62 TR4 CT17602L
amfoto1 at aol.com

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 I break down a card board box and lay it under the engine when I work on it.
Things are better at staying put when it hits cardboard and I can just pull
the  cardboard out to retrieve what I have dropped. TeriAnn

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