[TR] Alloy valve cover oil consumption

Brad Kahler bkahler1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 07:46:24 MDT 2014

When I bought my TR4 back in 2010 it came with a TriuimphTune alloy valve
cover.  While nice looking, the fact that it has no baffle or screen over
the breather tube going to the carburetors causes oil consumption to
increase.  I've been doing some google searching and have come up with
several possible solutions on how to create a baffle.

One involves epoxying an aluminum baffle over the opening, another uses
some wire and a small aluminum plate held in place over the hole.  Still
another was adding a small baffle over the opening by riveting it in place
with solid aluminum rivets.  And finally someone apparently has wrapped a
screen over the discharge end of the tube and and then pushed the hose over

I'm sort of partial to the aluminum plate and rivet idea although I'm not
keen on drilling holes in the valve cover.  However I might try the screen
method since it would be a quick and dirty test.

Has anyone tried a different solution to what I've listed?  If so I'd love
to hear about it.



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