[TR] TR battery recommendation

Allen Hess allenhess at mgcarclub.com
Sat Apr 26 10:53:30 MDT 2014

When my daughter moved from NY to FL her battery gave up, in my
opinion somewhat prematurely. What we were told was that heat is just
as bad as freezing temps and that auto batteries were also regional--
hot climates, cold climates. You didn't say how many months your
battery is warranted for and I've had a lot that died one month later.

> I have a 4 year old Interstate battery in my 60 TR3A that has a 6
> year old
> Advanced AutoWire wiring system with an alternator.   And it appears
> the
> battery has given up the ghost!
> Since I have owned the car I have lived in Arizona & Florida so the
> car gets
> driven regularly so it is not like the battery died of non-use.  If
> I remember
> correctly when I installed this battery, it was because the previous
> Interstate had also died an early death!
> What battery does the list recommend for a TR3 that is regularly
> driven once
> or twice  a week in moderate to hot weather??
> Thanks
> John
> John Wise
> Ormond Beach, FL

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