[TR] diff leak

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Fri Apr 25 16:48:42 MDT 2014


Easy task if you have a lift. Not so easy on your back but I have done 
it a few times.
A speedee seal is recommended since there may be a grove on the pinion.
All you have to do is remove the 4 bolts to the drive shaft, remove the 
pin and then the large bolt holding the pinion. You may need a air 
wrench. The pinion should just slide out. Removing the old seal can be a 
pain. I tried using a removal wrench from HF but it broke. Ended up 
using hammer and a thin screw driver.

I believe the speedee seal has to be pressed on. If you dont have a 
press, a machine shop should be able to do it in about 5 minutes.

Have fun!


On 04/25/2014 06:29 PM, Gary Nafziger wrote:
> getting tr-3 going for spring FINALLY!  Don't remember the differential
> leaking at all before the restoration but now seems to love doing that.  Seems
> to be coming from the front pinion area maybe oil seal ect.  I'm assuming
> changing that can be done without taking diff from car?  please tell me so.LOL
> Basically I'm wondering how easy this is and what to expect.  Easy to change
> bearing and oil seal?  Use speedee seal?
> thanks!
> gary n.

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