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The FASD (Fully Automatic Starting Device) is a wonderful device when
it works.  But since they are all 35+ years old the rubber bits are
starting to fall apart.  The FASD pulls air from one of the carbs,
mixes it with air from the air filter and delivers it to the intake
manifold to enrichen the mixture on a cold engine.  There is also a wax
thermostatic bulb (much like the wax bulb in a thermostat) that
controls the unit.  A quick test is to remove the air filter and plug
up the air intake for the FASD.  If the idle smooths out then that is
indeed the problem.  If there is no change then you need to look
elsewhere (stuck float, etc).  I believe parts are available from
Burlin Fuel Systems if you can't find them domestically.

Of course, the real experts on this device are on the Wedge list.


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So last week I was down at Bailey's working on a TR7.  Dual Stombergs,
run for years.  Needed a
few things like new fan clutch, water pump housing gasket, etc.  Had it
like a kitten when the
owner picked it up.

He brings it back, sputtering, coughing, won't idle.  Plugs are covered
in soot.
Wonder if it might
be the automatic choke - but those things NEVER go wrong, right?


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