[TR] TR4A Speedometer cable

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Sat Apr 12 13:14:19 MDT 2014

So I have about 30 miles on my TRF speedometer cable and today it wound itself
into a knot and quit. It seemed very long when I installed it so I put a coil
in it after double checking that I had in fact received the non-overdrive
speedometer cable which is what I needed. I am trying to decide if I should
just get another one from TRF or try Moss this time. Actually, if I had a
local source here in Cincinnati, for speedometer cables, I would just get a
custom one fabricated to the exact length I need.
Does anyone know what the correct non-overdrive speedometer cable should be? I
also remember there was a thread somewhere about the special requirements of
the speedometer end of the cable that has to be observed also..
Dave Connitt

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