[TR] I need a new Brake Line and its NLS

TeriAnn J. Wakeman tjwakeman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 23:02:27 MDT 2014

On 4/10/14, 4:44 PM, will.daehler at gmail.com wrote:
> What can I do?
> What now?
If it were me I'm contact Rovers North, get a pair of British spec 
hydraulic connectors sent to me   Then I would by a length of premade 
American spec brake line.  I would cut off one flair, slide off both 
American fittings, slide one British spec fitting on then bend the tube 
as needed for your application.  I would next cut it about half an inch 
too long, attach the other fitting then make a double flair.

Making new brake lines is not all that hard.  Unless you make them out 
of stainless.  I'll never do that again but they sure look purtty in the 
engine bay.


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