[TR] TR3 Radiator Frame

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Apr 6 14:59:11 MDT 2014

> Looking at options to mount an electric fan on a TR3.  I've 
> seen some mods on the internet that seem to have drilled and 
> screwed into the side.  Is there enough space between the 
> frame and the fins to do that?

Wrong question.  What you really want to know is whether there is room between the frame and the tubes.  I don't really know the
answer (and it probably depends on whether and how your radiator has been recored in the past); but I would think so.

But I can report that the cheap, cheesy plastic ties seem to work quite well.  It's best if you can position them where they don't
touch the tubes, but doesn't seem to be essential.  I used them for some 15 years on my TR3A and there were absolutely no signs of
problems when I took the fan off.  

The only "problem" is that they are single-use, so you'll have to buy more if you remove the fan for any reason.  (ISTR a kit of
just the ties & pads was only about $7.)  I only replaced them because I got tired of buying more every time the radiator was
serviced (long story, but I had it out several times before finally finding the real problem).  This is what I have now:
The radiator shop added the brackets for me as part of the recore, added cost was under $20.

Another option would be to build clamps that fit around the radiator frame, like Geo Hahn did.  Looks a lot safer and more rugged to
me than trying to drill & tap the radiator frame, or drill through it for a through-bolt.


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