[TR] Forgive me: electric fan question

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Sat Apr 5 14:45:26 MDT 2014

You're going to get a lot of mail on this one, Terry, most of which will  
disagree with me.
1. No matter what you do, I think you're going to have to take the apron  
2. With apologies for all the disdain this is about to cause, and for  
complicating the issue, I have an alternative. I went with the Moss TR6 fan  
conversion instead of electric and I am delighted with it. I had a Kenlowe on  
one of my Stags before and I found that the motor burned out a couple of 
times  without me knowing about it. On a TR3, the fuse blew once and I didn't 
know  until the gauge went high, then on a 2.5PI a connection rusted and 
again the fan  failed to work. I find the mechanical fan to be the best because 
if something  fails, you feel it or hear it right away.
3. I also upgraded to a TRF high output water pump. The combination of the  
TR6 fan and the high output water pump is, in my opinion, the best possible 
 combination. Many will disagree and I will defer to those with greater  
experience. I've only been working on TR's since '72....Lemme know if you want 
 to consider going the mechanical route and I'll give further details on 
the fan,  etc.
Tim Dyer, now in Ottawa, Ontario.
In a message dated 05/04/2014 4:17:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
terryrs at comcast.net writes:

I'm  assuming I still can't get into archives.  

Started the car today,  let it idle for a long time, and it's not 
overheating.  Then, it's 52  degrees with the garage doors open.  

As a hedge against 90 degree  weather, I'm finally leaning toward an 
electric fan.  I'd prefer a  pusher. Can anyone recommend the easiest 
installation?  I don't want to  pull the apron and the radiator again if I don't have to!

Terry Smith,  '59 TR3A
New Hampshire

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