[TR] Radiator Fan switch

Roger Elliott elliottr at rmi.net
Tue Sep 17 12:00:05 MDT 2013


I suspect my radiator fan switch is not working as it should.  Is there 
a way to test it?

I put the old one and a new one in a cup of hot water - not sure of the 
temp, but I used the hot beverage setting on the microwave, then went 
another 30 seconds, so I thought it be over 180.

Neither of the switches showed continuity.

But now for my biggest problem.  When I tried to take the old switch out 
of the radiator, the bung came out with it.  I am assuming that is 
something a radiator shop should be able to fix.

If I could seal it and get to the shop would they be able to fix it in 
the car?

Roger Elliott
1980 Spitfire

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