[TR] Looking for TR4A parts

Creig Houghtaling creig555 at live.com
Wed Oct 30 23:26:58 MDT 2013

I am in the process of restoring an early TR4A and I could use a few parts.

The car I have has TR6 seats. I'd like to have 4A seats if someone has a set
they would like to sell.  I would trade the TR6 seats or sell them if I find
TR4 seats.

The car is a spoke wheel car.  One left rear hub has slipped some time in
its life.  The tops of the teeth are flattened, not triangular like the
other 3 wheels.  If I could find one good hub, I would trade out the one
that isn't so good.  I could also use one 60-spoke painted wheel for a
spare.  I've got 4.  A 5th would be nice.

Thanks for looking.

Creig Houghtaling
Fenton, MO 63026

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