[TR] Seat belts in TR4A

John & Pat Donnelly pdonnel1 at san.rr.com
Wed Oct 30 20:33:56 MDT 2013

Quite a few years ago I installed the retractor belts on the "B" post where
the hook was installed. The kit came with a bolt that matched perfectly with
a pipe-like tapered thread. The loop attached to the hoodstick resting post
on top of the wheel-well. I have Miata seats, and it did restrict the
movement backwards to the point that I switched back to the lap belt. I
hesitate in drilling a hole in the wheel-well on top of the shelf.

My wife liked the retractable belts better because they have longer webbing
and, umm, how do I say this nicely, with her larger size it made it easier
to fasten the belt. :)

I'm thinking about the standard three point belts without the retractor, and
installing them the same way to get the benefits of three points, and the
longer webbing of course.

'67 TR4A

> Hi,
> I saw a TR4 or TR6 that had installed the retractors down in front of
> the wheel wells, clear down on the vertical panel right behind the
> seats.  The owner was pretty happy with the way it works.  It has the
> advantage of not taking up space on the shelf behind the seat.  Not
> sure if it interferes with seat travel.
> The loop was at the top of the wheel well.
> Roger

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