[TR] TR4A - Coolant at top of Cylinder Head

G.D. Huggins guy at genfiniti.com
Sat Oct 26 14:04:50 MDT 2013


Well... the day has come and I believe I may have my first engine defect.

Yesterday I removed the valve cover to discover "goo" surrounding the plug in
the top of the head, inside the valve train area.
I wiped it clean and waited.

Today I looked, and sure enough, greenish coolant is leaking from around the
plug. (I'm curious as to what is providing the pressure to force it up through
the seam.)
Dong some quick research I see the most plausible culprit is the head gasket
leaking between cylinders 2 &3.

Does anyone have any thoughts, experience or advice you could share?

I'd love to be wrong, but at this point I think I'm looking at pulling the
head and replacing the gasket.
If I do this, how can avoid this in the future?  Is there some technique I
should be using?


Guy D. Huggins
1965 Triumph TR4A
CTC 63569LO

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