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I'll have to try that, pretty clever.   I have the same challenges, tight
tonneau and old hands.  This draws from my old brake spring tool to slide the
springs into place.


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> On Oct 14, 2013, at 6:10 PM, tom white <tswhitez123 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> If you have lift the dot snaps that are really difficult to snap over their
> posts you may like this.
> I am fitting a new tonneau to my TR3A.  I am fitting it fairly tight as it
> not as generous with material as the last one.  Added to the difference in
> size is the fact that my my hands and forearms do not have the strength
> had a few years ago.
> So with necessity as the mother of invention I made a tool to help with the
> difficult lift the dot snaps.  I took a length of 3/16 steel brake/fuel
> and bent loops in one end to make a handle witha 8" - 10" shaft protruding
> from the center of the handle.  Then I ground away half of the tube for the
> first half inch of the shaft.  This leaves a half inch concave area at the
> of the shaft.
> To use the tool I push the shaft through the lift the dot snap that is
> difficult to position.  I place the concave end of the shaft on the post I
> want the snap to attach to.  Then I gently move the handle of the tool in
> direction of the post. The lift the dot snap will move down the shaft as it
> moves closer to the post.   When I can see the top of the post through the
> hole in the snap I press hard on the snap and withdraw the tool.  The snap
> then seats on  and engages the post.
> Best regards,
> Tom
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