[TR] New tool.

tom white tswhitez123 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 14 17:10:26 MDT 2013

If you have lift the dot snaps that are really difficult to snap over their
posts you may like this.

I am fitting a new tonneau to my TR3A.  I am fitting it fairly tight as it is
not as generous with material as the last one.  Added to the difference in
size is the fact that my my hands and forearms do not have the strength they
had a few years ago.

So with necessity as the mother of invention I made a tool to help with the
difficult lift the dot snaps.  I took a length of 3/16 steel brake/fuel line
and bent loops in one end to make a handle witha 8" - 10" shaft protruding
from the center of the handle.  Then I ground away half of the tube for the
first half inch of the shaft.  This leaves a half inch concave area at the end
of the shaft.

To use the tool I push the shaft through the lift the dot snap that is
difficult to position.  I place the concave end of the shaft on the post I
want the snap to attach to.  Then I gently move the handle of the tool in the
direction of the post. The lift the dot snap will move down the shaft as it
moves closer to the post.   When I can see the top of the post through the
hole in the snap I press hard on the snap and withdraw the tool.  The snap
then seats on  and engages the post.

Best regards,

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