[TR] TR6 head removal

D&B Lambert blambert at socal.rr.com
Mon Oct 14 09:49:38 MDT 2013

I had the same problem a few months ago with a TR6 I am in the process of
rebuilding.  I had 5 or 6 studs so severely stuck that the double nut trick
wouldn't budge them.  Same deal as you describe: I couldn't get the top nut
on tight enough to stop the other one from turning before I could feel the
nut stripping the stud thread.  Figuring I was going to install a new set of
studs anyway, I ended up welding a nut to each offending stud and removing
them that way; all except one stud.  On that one the stud just snapped off
near the welded nut leaving me with a nut and partial stud in my wrench.
Apparently the studs will corrode themselves to the passage in which they
pass through the head, so in that case the stud was prevented from being
turned by the head, not stuck in threads in the block.  I ended up using the
head as a giant "bolt head" for the stud, breaking the head loose by
whacking it on the side with a rubber mallet in the direction of unscrewing
the stud.  Eventually it worked and I was able to turn the head, unscrewing
the head/stud combo all the way.  On the six-pack forum there are pictures
of another guy who did the same thing.  After the head was free it was a
simple matter of driving the stud through the head passage.  I think welding
nuts to the studs also helped loosen them from the block, as they get really
really hot for a short period of time; I could hear the penetrating oil I
had bathed the studs in for days sizzle.  I too, tried the rope trick
(unsuccessfully) in cylinders #1 & #6.  No go for me.
Good Luck.
Dennis Lambert

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> I would like to thank all who have so far tried to help me with my
> I have tried almost all that was suggested:  I have double checked and
> remains attached, I have cranked the motor over with plugs in, I have
> the rope trick by both hand pushing the car and bumping the starter, I
> tried the various suggestions of prying at various points and ways, I have
> applied heat, I have pulled the manifold studs, I have been soaking for a
> and a half with various penetrants as well as one that freezes as it
> its penetrant.  I have not tried a couple of methods:  Jonmac's factory

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