[TR] Door seals on my TR4A

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I am sure some "4" owners will respond but I had the same issue with my "3".
For the most part, after a few months the doors will 'settle' into the seals
as they compress.  However, my bottom door seal never got to where it
allowed the door to close without looking crooked so I took it off and cut
it back significantly, not worrying much as it is never seen.

You results may vary,

Bill Beecher
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I have installed the rubber door seals that fit into the metal track and I
can't get the doors closed all the way. I am considering removing that seal
and going with the the other type of seal that slides over the flange around
the door opening. I was wondering what type of door seal some of the other
TR4/TR4A owners are using? I would think that eventually the seal I have
would compress but I am suspicious of the fact that the seal I have may be
larger than the original and will never compress enough to get the doors all
the way closed. They are about 3/8" from completely closing.
Dave Connitt

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