[TR] Celebrity Triumph?

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The incident is recounted in more detail in Bob's book *This Just In*.


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> Watching the CBS morning news show with Charlie Rose & Co., they had Bob
> Schieffer on and were talking about the day of the Kennedy assassination.
> Please no political or theory comments, Bob was a reporter at the Fort
> Worth
> Star-Telegram at the time and he said one of the many phone calls he took
> that afternoon turned out to be from Lee Oswald's mother who needed a ride
> to Dallas.
> Now to the TR content:  Schieffer said, "I had a Triumph sports car, just a
> two-seater, so my editor drove in his car while I sat in the back with Mrs.
> Oswald" (this is a very close paraphrase).  So, in November of 1963 CBS
> correspondent Bob Schieffer had a Triumph, most likely at TR3 or new TR4.
> Anyone else catch this?  Anyone know anything of the car he owned? (Maybe
> the Red River guys have it squirreled away somewhere?)
> Bill
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