[TR] Celebrity Triumph?

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Watching the CBS morning news show with Charlie Rose & Co., they had Bob
Schieffer on and were talking about the day of the Kennedy assassination.
Please no political or theory comments, Bob was a reporter at the Fort Worth
Star-Telegram at the time and he said one of the many phone calls he took
that afternoon turned out to be from Lee Oswald's mother who needed a ride
to Dallas.
Now to the TR content:  Schieffer said, "I had a Triumph sports car, just a
two-seater, so my editor drove in his car while I sat in the back with Mrs.
Oswald" (this is a very close paraphrase).  So, in November of 1963 CBS
correspondent Bob Schieffer had a Triumph, most likely at TR3 or new TR4.
Anyone else catch this?  Anyone know anything of the car he owned? (Maybe
the Red River guys have it squirreled away somewhere?)
Bill Beecher
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