[TR] Hi Torque Starters - Problems

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With all of the oil that seems to seep from our cars, I'm surprised that
corrosion is an issue. Is it salt related? Our cars get put away for the
winter before any salt gets applied to the roads so I guess we don't have
that issue. We have a gear reduction starter that came from Gustafson
Machine and it is now about ten years old. Never had a problem until about a
month ago when we didn't even get a click from it when restarting a hot
engine. Later in the day (after the CT TR Register show), it worked fine.
I'll need to look at the entire starter insulated circuit to see what's up.
Our old Lucas starter had wiped-out bushings and the armature shaft was well
worn where it sits in the bushings. 

Alex Thomson

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I'm now into my fourth hi torque starter in 12 years. Each one of them went
south due to corrosion buildup in the solenoid region first, then more
corrosion in the gear area. It looks like it doesn't drain water very well.
One came from TRF, one from Moss and one from TSI. The one arriving today is
from BPNW. All failed after two or so years of use (12 mo warranty, of

I missed TRFest this year because of the damned thing. Anybody else have
problems with them?


'67 TR4A

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