John McMaster john.mcmaster at netspeed.com.au
Fri Oct 4 00:02:52 MDT 2013

Hi all,

I have a Dolomite project car that has a different centre bumper section
than standard meaning the original number plate light assembly (same as the
TR6) won't fit.  The bumper I have has 2 holes about 1inch diameter with a
1/4 inch notch cut out at the back (looks like a locator tab).  I think that
Spitfire 1500 (UK Spec) used a pair of single "bubble" lights with chrome
surrounds that I think would fit.  Rimmer Bros has them listed as UKC7274.
Does any one have these style of lights fitted and if so, what size hole do
they mount in and does it have a tab?  Any assistance appreciated - I don't
want to trash my very expensive re-chromed wrong bumper!


John Mc

"Fast is First"

71 TR6 PI

76 Dolomite 1850

76 Dolomite Sprint V6

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