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Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 14:35:43 MST 2013

i too share your love of southern California and the beauty of it.
daylight saving time just a day away, my daffodils are up and spring is here.
i have no top for the TR3 so its all top down driving.
what a wonderful place
we live.
on the way to work i tried to catch some fog. i mist
but i had stayed
up all night to see where the sun set. then it dawned on me.
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2013 1:24 PM
Subject: [TR] Morning commute

I know I've talked about my
commute before, and my apologies and sympathy for
those of you in horrible
weather, but this morning was fantastic!
If you have Google earth, check
Gaviota in California.  My commute brings me
from Buellton to Goleta along the
coast, Highway101.  We just had an inch of
rain overnight and this morning it
was clearing out.  Those of you who are top
down enthusiasts will appreciate
the experience of riding after a storm.  The
clouds shelving out from the
hills toward the ocean, the sun just coming up
lighting the undersides red,
the sky clear as a bell with a clear view of the
offshore islands 26 miles
away.  Last small sliver of the moon above.
Temperature 460.  Signs of spring
are coming to southern California - the
mustard plants are yellow and
everywhere, the next sign will be the blooming
of the ice plants, everything
is green this time of year.
It was fantastic!


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