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I buy Fluid Film at the local John Deere dealer.  I use it every fall all over the chassis of the Suburban.  Seems that GM can find good paint for the body but not for the frame.  Right next to a perfect underbody is a frame with no paint on it at all.

I have never tried Fluid Film for bolt-and-nut removal.  PB Blaster has worked fine for me.

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> A friend turned me on to a can of Fluid Film about 4 months ago. This
> stuff
> is great!! It was developed for the navy many years ago. I have not
> found a
> stuck corroded rusty nut it could not free yet. It bubbles and leaves
> behind
> rust preventative. Has a bit of a funky smell, but don't they all?
> It's made
> of wool oil.
> http://www.fluidfilmsalesusa.com/about/
> It can be purchased from Grainger:
> http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/FLUID-FILM-LubricantCorrosion-Inhibitor-10N7
> 83?gclid=CNa5hbaukLUCFQVgMgodXW4AFg&cm_mmc=PPC:GooglePLA-_-Fleet%20and%20Vehi
> cle%20Maintenance-_-Automotive%20Chemicals-_-10N783&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=10
> N783&ef_id=jQ1Pvjkur28AAFBB:20130130150949:s
> The "List" rocks! thanks guys
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