[TR] Subject: TR4 front end bacing

Cosmo Kramer tr4a2712 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 09:48:29 MST 2013

 Hi list!
1st- I want to apologize to anyone you received an E-mail from me
with an attachment that i did NOT state what was in it. I've been hacked &
don't open up anything.

2nd- On bracing the front suspension. I haven't had a
chance to do it, yet, but I've purchased the 4 lower F suspension frame rail
mounting brackets from a TR6 (which has two studs to mount to the frame vs
stud that's found on the TR4/A's). 
The TR6's makes better sense to me,
because IF (hopefully not) the one stud should brake on the TR4/A's set-up,
then you have BIG problems when driving {weather it's on local street speeds
or on highway speeds}. But the TR6 set-up would 'Hopefully' give you a chance
to be able to pull off the road SAFELY!

Also, I think if you check with tony
at RADCO Frames, he'll tell you to gusset up the frame.

Well, it's back to
peddling home in 60+^F weather, rain & headwinds of 25+MPH. Stay warm & keep
working on your TRIUMPHs!
-Cosmo Kramer

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