[TR] TR4 front end bacing

Darrell Walker darrellw360 at mac.com
Tue Jan 29 13:04:30 MST 2013

Hi Tony,

There are actually three weak spots there:

1.  The brackets that
are welded to the frame can tear off.  As built, they are mostly welded to the
back wall of the frame.  This has happened to me.

2.  The single-bolt
brackets can break.  This has also happened to me.

3.  The single-bolt
brackets can pull through the frame bracket.

On #1, there is a gusset kit
that can (should!) be installed.  I got mine from TRF, though you could
fabricate your own gussets.

On #2, use the TR6 brackets with two bolts.

#3, fab up an extra backing plate to reinforce the bracket welded to the


On Jan 29, 2013, at 11:49 AM, Anthony Cascio
<allegrorover at mac.com> wrote:

Sorry, it's a TR4A on a solid axle frame. And I
believe it's the bracing setup for the lower A arms where they attach to the
Evidently they were not welded as good as they could have and the
single bolt where the new kits have a two bolt set up.
I just wondered if
anyone had done this already and if there were any photos available before I
attempt this upgrade.
Tony Cascio

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