[TR] TR engine block

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jan 28 22:48:13 MST 2013

> Just pulled the head only to discover a broken stud midway on 
> pass side.
> Broke about 1" below top of block. Amy ideas on getting it out?

I'd probably start by center-punching and drilling with a left handed drill
bit.  With any luck, the bit will grab and back it out.  If not, you've got
a hole to try your favorite screw extractor.  If that fails, next step might
be to try to weld a hollow bolt to the end of the stud (although I'm not
sure how practical that is down that deep of a hole).

Last resort, I've got an article on how to build an EDM machine <g>

-- Randall 

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