[TR] Rear GT6+ steel brake line needed

ptegler ptegler at verizon.net
Mon Jan 28 14:44:14 MST 2013

...you also need a bubble flare at the cyl end and an inverted flare at the 
flex hose connection.

yep..had to make my own for the same reason (NLA) My issues were two fold 
though. On my roto setup I stayed with the rear Spit style connections so 
had to custom bend the cyl hard pipes to come around the back side, rather 
than just down and forward. I welded a tab to the backplate to support the 
interconnect as stock and the flex lines run up like stock Spit lines.

Paul Tegler
ptegler at verizon.net

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> I'm looking for the steel brake lines, specifically for the GT6+ (for 
> those
> who need numbers, 309710 and 11), that run from the rear flex hose to the
> slave cylinder.  For those of you in the know,they are bent like a pretzel
> to clear the upright, Rotoflex etc.
> As many of the parts specific to the GT6+ are made of unobtainium, as 
> these
> appear to be, I was wondering if possibly the TR6 rear lines could be 
> used.
> If the length is right I could bend them to suit my application.
> What I need is a line that is 13 and 1/2 inches long (measured straight),
> with a long male 3/8 flare fitting at one end, to mate with the slave
> cylinder, and a 3/8ths female flare nut, to mate with the flex hose at the
> other.
> It appears that the TR6 uses something similar at the rear but I do not
> have on hand any to measure it.
> I "could" probably flare my own, but I would rather have them already done
> as bending the line would be relatively easy - and I hate to order one 
> just
> to find out it won't work -
> Anybody have a TR6 rear one the bench, or in their spare parts box that
> they could measure?
> Barry -
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