[TR] Rear GT6+ steel brake line needed

v6spitfireguy at cox.net v6spitfireguy at cox.net
Mon Jan 28 13:39:47 MST 2013

I'm looking for the steel brake lines, specifically for the GT6+ (for those
who need numbers, 309710 and 11), that run from the rear flex hose to the
slave cylinder.  For those of you in the know,they are bent like a pretzel
to clear the upright, Rotoflex etc.
As many of the parts specific to the GT6+ are made of unobtainium, as these
appear to be, I was wondering if possibly the TR6 rear lines could be used.
If the length is right I could bend them to suit my application.
What I need is a line that is 13 and 1/2 inches long (measured straight),
with a long male 3/8 flare fitting at one end, to mate with the slave
cylinder, and a 3/8ths female flare nut, to mate with the flex hose at the
It appears that the TR6 uses something similar at the rear but I do not
have on hand any to measure it.
I "could" probably flare my own, but I would rather have them already done
as bending the line would be relatively easy - and I hate to order one just
to find out it won't work -
Anybody have a TR6 rear one the bench, or in their spare parts box that
they could measure?

Barry -

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