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ha, ha, ha.....I used to carry a blanket or two but mostly to keep my  
girlfriends warm.....ahhhh - those were the days:)
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I can't  remember which car it was, but one of the British roadsters
from the 60's  had an available "cold weather equipment" package.  One
of the items  in that package was a blanket.

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> Suddenly (after 50 degree days last  weekend), we bounced back into sub
> freezing winter with ice, snow, etc  so I decided to pull out some old 
> manuals and assorted other  Triumph reading and came across this very
> appropriate  winter  warning....
> "The heater blower is only to augment the airflow  through the  car in
> difficult conditions.  Do not use it  unnecessarily, especially at  speed 
when it
> is not  required.  Remember that in winter conditions with the  lights on 
> other accessories in use, the current load will be   considerable.  In 
> weather.....if there is too great a  load.....the  generator may fail to 
> the battery fully  charged"
> Wow.....you gotta love it!  Imagine Chevrolet or  Ford advising their
> customers in 1962 not to run the heater fan,  headlights and windshield 
wipers at
> the same time in winter or risk a  dead battery.....
> Despite the "warning", I did manage to keep  my TR3's battery alive enough
> to keep going back in the 60's during  commutes to college in winter with
> radio,  lights, and fan motor  on at full voltage.....I guess I would 
have been
> more  concerned  if I paid attention to the AMP gauge but I then I was
> distracted   by the snow coming into the cockpit between the top of the 
>  and the  top:)
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