[TR] Your own T5 Conversion

Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 09:52:51 MST 2013

i too have limited access to the CNC machines now. sad face!
i did have my
bell housing drawn in 3D cad and could add texture and color. i then had a
conversion software that turned my cad drawings into G code. but again its all
it will be expensive for some time, but its encouraging that
replacement or modified parts will become more readily available.
remember that miserable old engineer that sat in the corner growling at you
when new technologies where introduced at work? seems im becoming him!!!
could still buy an Australian bell housing for around 500.00 ... humbug
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Hi Frank:
Sadly, no access to such fun
toys anymore. I am now in digital media, so I've got auto-stereoscopic 3D flat
screens that can show you your bell housing floating in the air, but it's
"look, don't touch"... 
As others have noted, printing a real part is still
a pretty expensive sounding procedure. 
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wowi have seen the old 3d modelers where they built the
model in layers of some kind of epoxy that cured when exposed to laser
light.they where pretty crude and very fragile.only seen video of the latest
stuff.do you have access to one?i may still have the layout for my original
model that i was going to machine out of the "lump"like any technology though
im sure its big $$.my Aussie bell housing was just less than 500.00 3 or 4
years ago.
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Hi Frank:

We're getting to the
point where a 3D printer could produce the bell housing. The original printers
were using a flow of sintered metals, but I think they are mostly plastics now
and not suitable. It will be interesting to see what comes up in the next
years. I read of a guy planning to print sections of a large house. 

said, I think the existing 3D printers could easily produce the shape for
making a casting mould.

1972 TR6

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