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All depends on where you live. If there is a Tech Shop near you, check it
http://www.techshop.ws/ I have a friend that teaches at several of them and
he is encouraging me to join, which I probably will as soon as I start my
next major project.
Yes, they have 3D printers as well as machining tools and they are pretty
good at staying up with technology, or so I'm told. 

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I invested in a 3 in one lathe/milling machine about 2 years ago - to date,
I have corrected 1 brake drum and modified an TR O.D. adapter plate.  I
haven't the slightest idea of how to really use the thing.  There is a
reason that there used to be schools, programs and unions to teach people
things.  Apprentice programs take years, and on the job training takes years

A quality machine is a door stop - the knowledge, skill and time to use it
represent the real cost/value. 

I have looked at some plasma cutting tables recently - wonderful machines,
but unfortunately the user interface isn't dumbed down enough for me to be
comfortable with it.

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting

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