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Following a road to see where it goes is known as a "stooge".  We have used
the term in our family for years and with time have accepted certain
conditions:  a stooge does not allow maps nor GPS devices, it is best done
in a TR, and when someone drives past you and says, "she's a beauty", you
need to reply "I know, and we 've been married for 20 years!"

Guaranteed to secure another 20 !

Oh, and by the way, it appears the word "stooge" originated in WW2 with the
RAF, where a stooge was where a plane took off with no particular
destination in mind, other than to go looking for trouble.  In my father's
case, it was patrolling the English channel looking for German boats.

Andrew Uprichard

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While  working with my side curtains I've been impressed by how sloppy the
worn ones fit as well as how hard it is to get a good tight fit on re-built

No matter if we are talking about drafty side curtains or leaking bodily
fluids or cold natured starting or total lack of safety features just
remember  that in the 50s these cars were state of the art and therein lies
the charm!
During my wife's first ride in my freshly restored 54 TR2 we were
inadvertently caught in a downpour and she started screaming "turn on the
Those of you familiar with the one speed versions know the value  of Rain-X
over the wipers!  She was stunned when I handed her a towel to  wipe the
inside of the windscreen!  We both emerged with wet lower  pant legs.  Now
some 35,000 miles later (she has been along for about 30 of  those) we
follow a road just to see where it ends.
Lou Metelko
Auburn, Indiana    

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