[TR] Non-synchro gearbox

John Macartney flywheelcoventry1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 16 15:56:54 MST 2013

Bob Labuz wrote:
<I sort of wish all Triumphs retained this setup.>
I also
sort of wish Triumphs retained many other features that were abandoned on
purely cost grounds - like:
being able to drain rear axles instead of
assuring the customer "the oil was good for life."
Removing flitch panels in
critical places that accelerated rust
Fitting smaller radiators
inadequate sized front brakes on FWD saloons, then fitting a booster to
improve braking
Using inferior quality alloys on the Slant 4 and Stag engines
- until reliability issues forced the upgrade as specified by Engineering
the list is a long one. I wish I could remember some of the rest of it :)

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