[TR] TR Radio/Console Bracket Responses

Keith Stewart keithstewart at execulink.com
Tue Jan 15 18:07:37 MST 2013

A summary of what listers had to say.

The SPC says there were two different brackets with a change at
One lister says there were three different brackets (62, 63, 64) and he has
all three. The third one being similar to the second but with different
cut-outs for the knobs. Some of those were vinyl and some were wrinkle
One lister says the TRA judging guideline claims they were black wrinkle
Two listers indicate they have disassembled numerous TR4s and they were all
black wrinkle finish.

Specific examples from listers were:

Black Wrinkle Finish
2 64/65
1 64
1 63/64
2 62

Black Vinyl (glued vinyl material, not vinyl covered foam as in TR4As)
1 62
1 (unknown year or commission #)
1 64

My conclusions: both vinyl and wrinkle finish were used. I think perhaps the
vinyl was used early and the wrinkle finish later but am surprised at the two
62s with wrinkle finish and the one 64 with vinyl.

Thanks to all those original owners who replied.

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