[TR] Best Year Spitfire?

John Macartney flywheelcoventry1 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 08:29:48 MST 2013

If I was looking for a Spitfire and having driven all variants down the years
as new and used cars, It's a one horse race in favour of the Mk 3 with the
1296cc small bearing engine, with no early emission control trash and an
overdrive. That ticks all the boxes!
The Mk IV with the 1300 engine wasn't
nearly as much fun and I found the 1500 to be a big disappointment except for
the fact that it held the road better. Let's face it, rear-end breakaway up to
the days of the 'swing spring' was always a prominent Spitfire feature and it
all adds up to the enjoyment of driving one. There's only one better
alternative in the rear end drama department and that's either a Mk 1 GT6 or a
Mk 1 2 litre Vitesse without the GT6 lower wishbone set up. Best laxatives
known to man on a wet road with bias ply tyres as many of them had ex factory!

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